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The purpose of this wiki is to provide access to information on the use of Ultra Fractal to create fractal art. Most of the content comes from the wealth of information in emails posted to the Ultra Fractal Mailing List. It also provides descriptions of many of the fundamental fractal concepts and links to some useful online resources.


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22nd Feb 09:

More Buddhabrot example images have been added.

26 Jan 09:

The Help Text for Samuel Monnier's Formulas is now in the wiki. Thank you Sam for the wonderful formulas and useful help and examples! There is also an index by image for those pages with examples.

20 Jan 09:

Ed Algra's thorough and well-written Barnsley documentation has been added along with example UPRs and images.

The new Examples by Image Index page on the Example UPR's page has replaced the Examples by Image single page. If you have any feedback or suggestions on the categories or anything else about the new page please post it to the UF Mailing list or email me.

18 Jan 09:

Dan Wills has added renders to many of Toby's Deep Zooms, some beautiful images there. Also some interesting new examples here and here thanks to Kathy McElroy.

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